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The Zig Zag Railway

Guess what! My parents are planning their next visit Down Under! YAY! Although I love travelling there is a few things to be said about being visited.

Let's just briefly mention the huge savings we have by not going overseas, glance over the fact that we don't have to split ourselves into a million pieces and visit each and every person under the sun (that we know of) and just spend a minute on enjoying the fact that we get to be tourists in our own (new) town.

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First stop: South West Rocks

It’s been one week since we’ve left Sydney and our first stop is South West Rocks. For many years the camping ground here at Arakoon National Park has been our Christmas escape. During the summer holidays this place is swamped with campers and it’s nice to see it empty here now. Maybe it’s the cooler temperatures that are keeping the number of other campers down. Anyway, this amazing, tranquil place is magnificent anytime of the year.

Thorsten and I are using this stop to get some rest. Yes, we already need recuperation. The last couple of days before our departure have been hectic and we haven’t had a chance to get our head around the fact that we’re now on the road.

We also need this time for a quick gear check. Our equipment is being tested and a few little modifications (including a big chuck-out of stuff we thought we’d need, but that just clog up the van) have to be made.

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