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What do you think of book trailers?

Convergences of technology really fascinate me. What’s that? What I mean is for example, book trailers: it’s not a movie, it’s not a book, it’s a clip about a book that you can read. Visual representations work really well (at least for me), but the idea that you have a book and can watch a clip showing you the story or content of said book is intriguing, isn’t it?

Since I’m new to book promotions I’m trying out everything there is to try to see what works best for me. My travel guide is packed with valuable information and I wanted to use the fact that it’s also pretty. So, I really enjoyed putting together this book trailer (hey, you look at pretty pictures and shuffle them around until you’re happy. How can you NOT enjoy that?).

You be the critical audience – does it work? Have you done a book trailer before? How did you find the process and has it helped promotion your book?

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  1. Miriam #

    Hey Christina,

    That’s a totally new concept for me and since I haven’t written a book myself (yet), I don’T really know if it helps with the promotion, but my gut says yes! I liked your trailer and I think for books with pictures and factual information that can written nicely. Or kid’s books /art/sports should be in for thus. I have my doubts about crime/thriller or fantasy books, but I guess it won’t take too long for the firsts to be published 😉


    • Thanks for your thoughts, Miriam. That’s really good feedback (particularly since you’ve got a marketing/comms hat too). Interesting you should say this about fantasy – i’ve seen a few trailers for this genre where it worked REALLY well…I’ll email you some if you’re interested… thank you again 🙂

  2. YES! I think they work. As I am a recent Kindle owner, the whole book shopping experience is changing for me. I REALLY love my Kindle. Like I never would have expected (and as you know I was a fair bit of a Kindle skeptic). I love browsing Amazon and reading about books, but sometimes I miss the bit of bookstore shopping where the potential purchase is brought to life, so to speak. And I think a book trailer really does that.

    • Thank you for your feedback Brooke. Very glad to hear you’ve warmed to the Kindle and very excited to hear your thoughts about book trailers. Where there any trailers you’ve watched that made you purchase the book?

      • No to be honest, there haven’t been, it’s just that I read a blog of a guy who does book trailers and I didn’t ‘get it’ then… but now that I have a kindle and shop for books in bed (hahah!) I miss that tactile experience of being in the bookshop. And now I totally ‘get’ book trailers – does that make sense?


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