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Heating up: book forthcoming

I’m still unpacking from a two-week road trip. Instead of writing about my time on the road with my folks I’m way too stoked about what I found when I got home last night. Yes, the book. THE BOOK! Not just any book, my book, of course.

While away my publisher had, as promised, provided me with a print proof. Well, since we won’t be printing the book it’s a document I can view on my kindle and check the content so that whatever you (well, not you literally, but anyone procuring this travel book, it can be you of course though too!) will buy, is the highest standard, no typos, no awkward line breaks or the like.

So, there I was last night. Tired from travelling and way too excited not to look at the document from my publisher. It also contained the title page – duh you may think, but I hadn’t seen  it yet.

While travelling I kept thinking which picture may make it onto the cover. I did supply a few suggestions of what we could use, but actually seeing the page ready laid out with title and, well, my name on it… It was such a humbling moment.

Can’t wait to tell you more about what’s happening hopefully it will all be ready by Christmas!

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  1. Miriam #

    Oh, can’t wait to get it. It will be available as ebook outside Aussie land, right? Or is it country bound? Then you’d have to buy it for me and I’d refund it 😉

    Until then, enjoy the time with your parents!

    Greets & hugs,

    • Very good question. It should be available internationally, but I’d need to check whether that includes Germany. I’m not too sure…Thank you so much for your support, love, I really appreciate it!

  2. Thorsten #

    This is so exciting! Can’t wait to see the book with your name on coming up on Amazon!


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