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Travelling and the in-laws

In only four weeks my parents will land in Perth. I’m excited. Mum and dad are soooo excited. They’ve packed their suitcases three months ago, that’s how excited they are. Well, mum said she was testing to see whether everything would fit…tsss! What a lame excuse! It’s all positive anticipation (aka excitement!).

Even Thorsten is excited, which again makes me happy. It’s good to see he gets along with the in-laws, right? I really shouldn’t worry. In comparison to his parents mine seem to be…well, how shall we put it… completely sane?

I know, I shouldn’t pick on in-laws. BUT, I assure you, once I’ve told you all about Thorsten’s parents you’ll completely agree with me.

Every other year we travel to Germany for family visits. The one time we flew over Thorsten’s parents had just moved into an apartment in a new town leaving behind the family home in which Thorsten grew up in.

Both, Thorsten and I saw their new dwelling for the first time. The tour through the two bedroom place was short (as you’d expect) and we politely complimented on their interior design (rustic oak furniture throughout, decorative copper. In retrospect the stag head on the wall was missing).

We set down for dinner and more chats oblivious to the impending “situation”. It became late and everybody was ready to go to bed. Thorsten’s parents explained the study was our guest room for the night. We wandered in again and his dad pointed at the rug on the floor for us to sleep on. His mum supplied two pillows, one blanket and was close to switching off the light for us.

Yes, you read correctly. We were invited to sleep on the freaking FLOOR. We were gobsmacked. Stunned. Perplexed. Thorsten kept uttering “what happened to the pull out sleeping couch” or “where is the guest mattress” – all rhetorical questions as his parents had gone to bed already.

I continued chanting “I can’t believe I’m doing this”, after all, this was perhaps the third time in my  life I slept on the floor (first being as a six year old falling asleep watching Sesame Street the other being sixteen passing out from drinking too much cheap sparkling wine at a friend’s place). Both times I had been unaware of the immense discomfort so maybe they don’t even count…

Needless to say, we slept little. The next morning, grumpy, sleep deprived and in Thorsten’s case in pain (his old back injury plays up on shit mattresses, imagine what he felt like sleeping on the floor) we explained politely we’d be sleeping at a hotel the next night.

I still don’t know what was going on in their head. The awkwardness of the situation was so immense I didn’t dare asking. Bless their cotton sox, they had obviously been oblivious to our need for an actual bed. We’re so demanding, aren’t we?

Are you convinced yet they’re a bit nutty? No? Oh you wait, there’s more. I’ll save it for another time!

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  1. Thorsten #

    It is really strange to read about this story on the net – it’s a true story – but it makes it feel even more embarrassing when it is published…

    • You shouldn’t be embarrassed. In fact, be proud! You turned out just fine despite all the obstacles… It’s also a funny story. In retrospect…not so much at the time!


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