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Fremantle, why do I love you so much?

You do realise this is a rhetorical question, yes? The first time I set foot into Fremantle – we rode on our push bikes south along the coast – I immediately knew I absolutely adored this place.

Perhaps my first instinct was a subconscious responds to this small township on the outskirts of Perth. Every time I venture back the reasons I adore this place become more and more conscious:

1. The “Place making

Fellow blogger and photographer Roel talks a lot about place making and how people, council and artists negotiate the use of public spaces. Perhaps it’s just my perception, but Fremantle has really lovely places – for example the church square feels simply inviting to sit down and spend time looking around and watching passers-by.

2. History

Fremantle has preserved many of its 19th century buildings. Yes, some of the history they tell is gruesome particularly when it comes to its prisons and the treatment of Aboriginal people. There is no but, I love buildings that can tell stories even if they’re sad.

3. Cafes, books and art

The city boasts with an impressive selection of cafes. You can’t imagine how much time I can spend sipping coffee and looking at books, arts and other people (or perhaps you can?). Every time we go, we face the difficult decision to explore a new place or visit an old favourite, tzz, it’s tough, I know!

4. The Harbour

Guess what, I love watching boats too and seagulls and the tides coming in and going. Fremantle is the port of Perth so there’s plenty to look at all the time.


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  1. Yes, not all history is positive, but it should be known and told. Good post.


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