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Travel tales: the book!

Well, yes, but not quite travel tales…it’s more…it’s a little bit like… Let’s start at the beginning:

After more than a year of cruising around Australia and blogging about it I learned that Road trips are an intimate way of travelling and exploring a country, but finding information for planning such a journey can be a major roadblock.

Although I wouldn’t want to miss any of our (mis)adventures – they are part of any trip – I realised many people don’t have the luxury of an endless holiday and want to have a brilliant trip during their limited time.

So, I had the idea for a travel guide, Road trip around Australia:essential tips for your travel adventure, providing advice through first-hand experiences essential for anyone wanting to discover Australia by car or caravan.

I want to fill the pages with practical tips assisting in scheduling and budgeting for a road trip and chuck in tips, tricks and personal anecdotes enabling travellers to have an awesome time on their road trip instead of leaving things to chance.

Because we took so many I want to add stunning pictures of Australia’s landscape and creatures. Sounds like a good plan?

The online publisher Collca completely agreed with me that this is an awesome idea and as of Monday we’re officially doing it! The deal is done, my first publishing contract is signed. HURRAY! The book will be available in October and I’m already writing my little heart out.

This is such an exciting project. I am still totally stoked!

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  1. Bestest wishes, and such a cool thing to do… congratulations!

  2. fantastic! I keep all my fingers crossed for you! 🙂

  3. Great idea – I look forward to reading it!


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