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If Kony lived in Broome (or blogosphere, I dare you!)

Dear People of Broome,

What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Don’t you know you’re just a mere few people up there in the northern part of Western Australia, which nobody in the world even knows about? Seriously “Kimberley” isnt’ that just a girl’s name? Why do you even think you stand a chance objecting to major development proposals?

Don’t you know that you’re just a little blip on Woodside’s radar?

Why don’t you want to accept that building a huge gas hub near Broome is great? It’ll bring plenty of job opportunities to the region? What? You’re not actually qualified to work in this industry? Tss! But see, major roads will be built, more people will come and want to live in Broome. Pardon? The town’s further investment into infrastructure costs the taxpayer too – Gee, you are a bunch of ‘glass half full’ people, aren’t you!

What do you mean you want to ‘preserve the environment’? Come on, don’t you trust the corporates’ impact report that all those silly humpback whales, dolphins and bilbies won’t actually even notice the gas hub’s there?

Well, if they do notice, they can always go somewhere else, right? No? You mean this is the last undeveloped cost-strip of Australia? Urgh! I hope you’re not actually teaching your children these ideals of conservation of nature, because, really, isn’t the need for short-term financial gain a better lesson to learn for the little-ones?

All I’m asking is be realistic. There you are, a bunch of people blocking access to a few trucks which are in fact just the tip of the iceberg of a giant multi billion industry. You don’t seriously think you can stop those, do you?

Here is the thing: if you had a few million dollars yourself so you could start a social

marketing campaign like “Kony 2012”, well, that’ll be a different cup of tea. You’d develop a

Here is a suggestion for campaign merchandise that totally works: "Broome 2012 - Make it visible" earrings. It's also hand-made. With love

Here is a suggestion for campaign merchandise that totally works: “Broome 2012 – Make it visible” earrings. It’s also hand-made. With love

cute little movie that pulls people’s heartstrings, goes viral and asks for more money. Or, you could get Kony to move to Broome – that’ll be newsworthy and you could piggyback onto the existing campaign… Also, you’d need wrist-bands. And stickers. That’ll totally get people going!

Without all that.. how shall I put it: a bunch of hippies camping on the road to prevent a company from accessing the development site? It’s just not sexy!

I’m sorry I have to be that blunt, but it’s a lost cause. Perhaps if the blogosphere went ballistic about Broome and we’d have a catchy phrase like “Broome 2012” or “Invisible Bilbies” or something equally provocative we might raise some awareness… I dare you blogosphere: is there someone out there who wants to chant in with the people of Broome?

But hey, after all, it’s probably just gonna be you and old cynical me. Good luck with throwing your sabots – or should I say thongs – into the clockwork of industry development.

Try and not get hurt, ok?

Take care

PS: If anyone does have some spare money or feels inclined to help go here or help spread the word!!!

PPS: I hope, people of Broome, I am being totally sarcastic. I am actually on your side. If I could, I’d so join you camping out there!

PPPS: If you object to my points above please also pursue a more credible source of information, the Wilderness Society of Australia’s website.

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  1. Wonderful snark with a social commentary. Well done.

    • Thank you, Nelle. Sorry for my late reply…time is getting away from me at the moment!


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