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Demolishing the biggest myth about Australia

Does my title today sound a wee bit ambitious? You betcha! But it’s time. Many clueless tourists have committed the same felony already. Locals continuously snigger or glance at them with pity.

I feel obligated to share this. If I don’t, only God knows how many more will come here with the same ignorant assumption having to learn the hard way that it was all a myth, a lie, a figment of their imagination.

I know once the truth is out nothing will actually change, because people’s pre-conceived idea about this country is such a widely held believe preventing them from accepting it.

But here it is, for anyone to read: Australia’s temperatures get %$#*&^ cold in winter!*

See! I told you, you’re smiling with disbelieve and I don’t blame you. My first response to this information went something like this:

Friend: Did you bring any jumpers or warm socks with you from Europe?

Me: No, why?

Friend: That’s ok, you can buy it here once it gets winter.

Me: *giggles* yeah sure, cos it’ll be so cold.

Friend: You know what, I could demolish the biggest myth about Australia right now and tell you that in winter you’ll freeze your little bottom off so much so that you actually go to bed at 8pm to warm yourself up, but you know what?

Me: yes?

Friend: I won’t, because there’s no point in me telling you. Instead let’s continue this conversation in winter, ok?

Me: sure, sure, let’s do that.

Of course I learned the hard way everything my friend back then had said to me was the truth. I froze, I winged, I bought thick sox and jumpers to keep me warm once the sun set in winter. I gave up to question why people couldn’t build better insulation and put up with things only to find myself, years later, in the same position my friend had been in.

Me: hey, did you bring any of your warm clothes with you from Europe?

Other friend: No, why? This is Australia. It’s always hot, sunny and gorgeous weather here, isn’t it?

Me: *hysterically laughs and shakes head*

Other friend: Oh wow, you’ve gotten used to the heat already. Do you find 18 degrees cold? Hey, remember that everything above 15 degrees is considered summer in Germany! I’ll be fine.

Me: *bangs head against wall and mumbles incomprehensibly*

Other friend: are you alright?

Me: *in foreboding voice* I tell you in only a few months time you shall freeze your little bottom off the way you have NEVER experienced before…muhahwahwah.

So now, whether you believe me or not, I shall go to the next store and purchase a heater, because it’s Easter and temperatures cool down already. Also, Thorsten doesn’t like it when I shove my cold, damp feet under his bottom trying to warm them up while sitting on the coach trying to watch TV.

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  1. 18 ° C? Balmy! Although… it’s 8° C here right now.

    • I need to be more precise. It’s currently 31 degrees (celcius) during the day and it drops to around 12 degrees during the night. That’s quite a big leap and it makes the cold feel even colder…if that makes any sense?

  2. So funny! …mhm..’re jocking… “That is Australia. It’s always hot, sunny and gorgeous weather there, isn’t it?” 🙂

  3. Gillian #

    Haha !! Go live in the southern states…….. compared to Germany it’s still warm, but I left Adelaide when it was -7 celcius. Believe me, friends of Christina heading to Australia, it does get cold in the land of Oz 🙂 Happy travels !!!

    • Well, I should have said the only place it doesn’t get cold is Darwin 😉 Happy travels Gillian, when will you be heading off to Canada?

  4. I truly had no idea 🙂

    • Haha, I still have to explain to my parents even after almost ten years of living here…


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