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Message from a Perthling

If people living in New York are New Yorkers, residents of Paris equal Parisians than surely now that we call Perth home I can refer to myself to as Perthling, right?

I admit becoming a Perthling feels strange. I miss the travels. Besides I frankly admit that I still have plenty to learn about this city.

For example, a few days ago we found an offer for a second-hand outdoor seating. It looked simply too good to refuse. Little did we know what an epic journey we’d have to travel to get to the place. It wasn’t just at the other end of town, but way way out of town.

Even if we hadn’t liked the seating we would have bought it anyway. The thought of returning empty handed was too bleak and we simply had to make the long long journey worthwhile.

Transporting the outdoor seating home turned out to be not so easy either. Yes, our van looks big, but the furniture didn’t want to fit in and Thorsten (wise as he is) had brought our roof racks.

Well, the roof racks weren’t actually on the roof. We had dismantled them a few months ago to fit under our current car port. This meant Thorsten had to attach them first and then performed a bit more of his packing magic and tied everything down…

I shall keep you posted on how our transition of turning into Perthlings  continues!

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