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Mamma mia, bella Italia

“Mum, can you believe it? We’re in Rome,” I said marvelling at the rays of the sunset shining through the Colosseum.

“I know,” my mum agreed, trying to overcome her disbelieve by capturing each and every detail of our journey with her camera.

When you’re in really good company, which I was when teaming up with my mum to visit Italy in September, many inconveniences of travel really don’t matter that much.

For example, we could have been incredibly bothered by the crowds of fellow travellers that were bustling the streets of Rome, Florence and Venice.

We could have been intimidated by the language barrier making the simplest tasks like ordering food or getting directions incredibly hard.

We could have been annoyed by the museums that required online booking at least three days in advance or churches that charged hefty entry fees.

We could have been outraged by the prices of gondoliers that ranged from 7 Euros during the day to 100 Euros just before sunset.

But we were not.

Instead, we drifted through crowds of travellers enjoying the fact that there was always someone close by who was more than happy to take a photo of us.

Instead, our motto for ordering food was (since we never quite knew for sure what the menu said) “the Italian cuisine is simply excellent, regardless of what it is” (and not having any food allergies comes in handy). As for directions, thankfully we only got lost once in Rome, but hey, it was such a nice long walk that we needed anyway after another delicious lunch.

Instead, of being disappointed we couldn’t do some of the things we initially thought we definitely must do, we were actually terribly relieved and content to simply sit down and take in the scenery. Oh, and have a platter of cheese and a glass of wine…yum!

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  1. Cramming against crowd, I’m in. Platter of cheese? Tell me you have anything with mozarella in it.


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