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Beer, beer, beer! Wine?

Have you noticed I rarely (not to say never) write about food? That’s because mostly what we prepare on the road can be cooked in two pots and takes less than 20 minutes due to the nature of our kitchen and food supply.

Also, I don’t consider myself an eloquent food critic – mostly what I can say is whether I like it and it tastes good and that’s usually quite a short story, isn’t it?

Having said this, our trip to Europe is giving me the opportunity to provide you with some food for thought (pun intended). The first thing that comes to people’s minds when thinking about Germany is probably “beer” and  “sausages”. I can’t say you wouldn’t be able to purchase the two at all, but there are certainly more culinary delights to explore.

Let me tell you about the wonderful wine region we’ve visited in the southwest of Germany called “Kaiserstuhl” (translated: “Emperor’s chair“). Thorsten, the wine expert, says they produce very good quality wines – his favourite being the “Spaetburgunder” a red, easy to drink wine.

Visiting this region in September is perfect as this is when the grapes are harvested. Traditionally wineries open for tastings, love to talk about their wine production and serve simple and scrumptious food with “Frischen Suessen” (fresh sweet wine), my personal favourite.

The look and taste of this homebrewed beverage is that of refreshing sweet/sour grape juice. But beware and behold it’s got quite a good squirt of alcohol in it (of unknown quantity!). Each winery presents their own version of this shortly fermented grape juice.

A perfect match to “Frischen Suessen” is “Flammkuchen” (flame cake). This is an extra flat, crispy pizza topped with creme fraiche, speck, onions and cheese. It is baked in a woodfired oven (hence the flame part of the name). Again, each place has a slightly different take on this dish, but I can tell you it is so yummy when I write about it I just get flame cake cravings.

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