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Coming home to no home

Yes, agreed, my  chosen title for this story sounds odd, but let me explain my slightly confused state of mind: last month we’ve been travelling around what Australians would prescribe as our “home”, which they see as being Europe.

Fair enough, we do have many friends and particularly family in Germany that we treasure dearly and probably define the term “home”. Surely, when we landed in Frankfurt and went for a quick coffee fix (in a french restaurant!) the smells and sounds indeed felt beautifully familiar.

The next weeks we spent with old friends – the kind that last despite the distance, those where you can just knock on their door and pick up a conversation as if you’d never been gone  – was AMAZING.

The travels we did to Italy and France, brilliant! I was starting to reminisce of whether we should move here or there – though this thought occurred to me in almost every city. It must have been infectious because even my mum started to say things like “oh this is so beautiful, I’d consider to get a job here in Rome and learn Italian properly”. Mind you, my mother also loves her retirement and doesn’t speak any Italian at all.

There is a twist, last week when we finally landed in Perth again there was this feeling that I couldn’t quite shake off. Maybe it was the chirpyness of people, the smell of the ocean, the endless open sky or the lovely messages on my phone (thanks, Scott). I can’t quite put my finger on what triggered it, but it did feel like coming home.

And then there is another twist. We actually haven’t ever lived in Perth. This means, I don’t know much of this city, don’t have a house, job and a friend count of 2 (thanks Mattias and Kathrin, I know, it’s about quality, not quantity!).

As our return coincided with CHOGM our choice of accommodation was limited to a $650/night hotel room or our van – what an easy choice!  So now you understand why during the first night, when we crashed in the back of our van that was parked along a suburban road I entered this utter state of confusion, which will surely pass soon…

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