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Gas is crab – I mean crap! Or, how to make yourself feel awesome today

Please don’t think I’m a hypocrite. I fully acknowledge that our way of travelling leaves more than just footprints in the sand. Having said this, I’m a rigorous recycler and feel great about not using much electricity  (due to lack of power points).

Every now and then I get so worked-up about an issue that I write a determined (yet friendly) letter to my MP. Perhaps our stay on the coastline of the Kimberley, just 40 minutes north of Broome, got me into the mindset again.

The Kimberley have now been Heritage Listed, which protects them from high impact development – or better to say, it should. Unfortunately
1% of this amazing part of the world (see last week’s story on the Horizontal
that’s right there too) has been left off the protection zone.

Conveniently these 1% of the land are proposed to be developed
by Woodside, a company that is planning the second world’s biggest gas plant right there – in this pristine beauty!

What’s so extraordinary about the Kimberley is that, so far,
this is the only coastal region of Australia that has not been impacted by any  economic development. It is home to countless species, some of them  endangered,  and scientists just discovered ancient dinosaur footprints…

This is why I’m proposing a one step program to make yourself feel awesome today. It’ll take 3 minutes maximum and this is what you need to do:

Step 1: Go to this online petition by the Wilderness Society
and fill in your details it sends an email to our Minister for Sustainability, Environment & Communities telling him to back away from Woodside’s proposal.

Remember, this is a region where few people live, but it  should be everybody’s business what’s happening here! Regardless where you currently live and whether you’ve ever seen this place make your voice heard and you’ll get the sense of satisfaction that not everything is about money (= feeling of awesomeness).

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