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Gibb River Road’s Gorgeous Gorges

Although having spent two weeks sightseeing on the famous Gibb River Road in northern Western Australia I had the slight suspicion that we had only seen the bare minimum of what there is to see. This

Little Merten Waterfalls near Mitchell Falls

suspicion was confirmed while browsing through postcards in a craft shop picturing local waterfalls – all of which seemed vaguely familiar, but were none of those we had visited.

The many, many gorges and waterfalls are the best part of Gibb River Road. Hopping across rivers and climbing up and down steep sandstone formations make the jump into the cold water something you crave for – and by the time you get back to the campground we were usually yearning for another dip…. Here are my favourite spots – and as I mentioned earlier, this list will need some serious adding, perhaps on future travels:

El Questro, Moonshine Gorge and Zebedee Hot Springs

El Questro Gorge’s swimming spot

El Questro is a privately owned property, which unfortunately charges heaps for wild bushcamping (no showers, but private access to the river). The two gorges we explored were definitely worth the money. El Questro Gorge has a little pool, which we discovered late in the

Sunset at El Questro

afternoon just before sunset  when most people had left. Moonshine Gorge didn’t seem to be a favourite with the crowds and we enjoyed the exclusive swimming opportunity. Zebedee Hot Springs are, as the name suggests, nice and warm and only require a very short walk from the car park – great reward for little effort, I like it!

Mitchell Falls
This is an awesome place, a bit hard to get to (cost us only one tire, the first one we blew, by the way). The aboriginal artworks along the walk are quite hidden, but worth discovering.

Manning Gorge
Another “low effort” plunge. The river is right next to the camp ground – because we were so satisfied with the quick dip in the water we didn’t actually do the walk up the falls, but were told that its cascades are gorgeous…ah well, next time.

Bell Gorge
I think at this stage we were already tired from all the waterfalls

Waterfall at Bell Gorge

we’d seen. This may have been the reason why Thorsten almost stepped into a big brown snake that was sunbathing on the hot sandstone. But yes, the view was worth the walk.

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  1. wow, that is simply beautiful. I guess I will have to save heaps of overtime and future holidays to come back for at least 3-6 months to see only parts of what you’ve visited during that amazing trip. Looking foward to seeing you soon! Cheers, Miriam


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