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Welcome to the Land of the Rainbow Serpent

Kakadu National Park has always been on the top of the list of places to visit…and it turned out to be as exciting as I had imagined.

First of, I’m still expecting to find myself back at work any day. No doubt Thorsten feels the same as he tells me about potential projects he could undertake at work – only to realise we finished our jobs a week ago…

With this mentality travelling becomes unfortunately a check-list consisting of items you want to tick off before getting back to your desk.

When I listened to the story from Aboriginal Australians living in the region that we now call Kakadu National Park the feeling of urgent ticking off vanished for a while.

The rainbow serpent, in their mind, is the spirit that created the landscape and nature during dreamtime – and still does. With every wet season when rivers flood entire valleys the rainbow serpent once again reshapes the land.

Kakadu is a wonderful place if you enjoy climbing along rocky river beds or up steep valley cliffs. Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls are probably on everyones list. My favourite place is Gunlom where the Rainbow Serpent lives at the bottom of the waterfall. If you don’t believe me, go and visit it yourself!

The Battle of Merle
Apart from the romantic spirit-shaping-thoughts another quite severe experience took my mind off my past Darwin existence: The battle of Merle.

Merle is a camp ground in the north of the national park. If you ever decide to visit this region I can recommend to take a trip to Ubirr and see the ancient rock paintings, which narrate so many stories worth knowing. But stay clear of the Merle camp ground!

I’m rarely overtly critical, but the battle between Thorsten, me and the one billion mosquitoes at Merle was a blood bath (literally) and let me just say that we certainly didn’t win and I’m still scratching my scars.

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