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Hidden Treasure – “The Toyshop”

Today’s story is dedicated to my best friend in Sydney who is going through a very difficult time. I’m thinking of you and hope this will put a smile on your lovely face!

When you’re the new kid in town it’s nice to learn from the locals where the places of interest are. By that I don’t mean the obvious localities usually marked as “places of interest” on tourist maps. Fans of quirky, amazing, or off-the beaten track venues in Darwin may want to peruse this blog. Without wanting to reinvent the wheel I may have a little treasure to add.

Although Thorsten and I had vouched at the beginning of our journey that we wouldn’t seek employment for a while, things have turned out differently. Darwin has greeted us with plenty of interesting opportunities and embracing these has been a very good decision. I came across this hidden treasure exactly here, at work, while I was busily looking after the reception of a bustling local mining company.

Mining, as many know, is one of the major industries in the Northern Territory and the family company I worked for had been around since the 70’s. Its owner had grown his business with a lot of dedication to quite an empire, obviously being a lot more passionate about heavy-duty trucks and hardworking blokes in high visibility vests than I may ever be.

His lesser known fascination is one that I did share. At first though I couldn’t quite work out what his staff were referring to when they were whispering in awe about “The Toyshop”. It turned out that, tucked away on an inconspicuous lot in Darwin’sindustrial area, “The Toyshop” was a privately run garage and display. Inside this magical place semi-retired mechanics infused new life into very, very old cars.

Seeing this incredible collection of restored vintage vehicles is truly breathtaking and took me by absolute surprise. Had I known the level of love and care that was put – not only into the cars, but the entire garage – I would have taken a decent camera with me. Unfortunately I only had my phone, which means these images aren’t the best. I still had to take pics to proof myself that “The Toyshop” wasn’t a heat infused hallucination.

As this place isn’t advertised and only people who know the owner may view this precious collection, many visitors to Darwin probably don’t even know what they’re missing out on. Well, should you be in town anytime in the near future let me know!

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