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In a state of constant sweat, or, the definition of hot

Yes, yes, yes. It’s been ages since the last update and without further dwelling on this fact, let me tell you about Darwin, where we’ve spent the last couple of months.

What’s really remarkable about Darwin is the weather – and I’m usually not the kind of person that can spend hours on this topic. Yet, I feel I need to dedicate a bit of time to explain…

Describing sensations is quite hard. You could say “stepping into the outside feels like you’re hitting a wall” or “it’s like someone punching your lungs”, but then, really, how often do you run into walls or get punched up so you could relate to this sensation?

 So, let me put it this way, you know you’ve reached the tropics when the local radio station is called “Hot-FM”. It is so hot that the nail polish on your toes easily reverts back to a liquid state so that the sand from the beach can stick to it (makes a fabulous look by the way, but is very hard to get off).

It is perfectly normal that the combination of heat and humidity lets you break into heavy sweating even after the shortest activity. Let me share another story to exemplify this. The other day I got to the officer after the lunch break and a colleague asked me “Oh, is it raining outside?” because THAT’s how much I was sweating. Well, I know, this is quite gross, but now you get the picture… 



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  1. Nadja #

    Well, then let ME dwell a little more on the fact that it’s been ages! 🙂 I’ve been looking forward to some news – and please feel free to tell gross things.
    Instead of hitting a wall or getting punched Germany is experiencing quite the opposite: “Nachtfrost”. Well… After spring started really great in April, we are back to winter. So don’t complain too hard about your fashionable new toestyle-weather down under…
    Please let us know more soon!


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