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Fixing the van in Cairns

Not so much of a road trip have the last two weeks been for us, well, not with the van anyway. We have spent the last weeks in Cairns and I wanted to share my personal highlights.

Before I get to those let me put our stay in town into context. I mentioned earlier that our 4 wheel drive training revealed that our van doesn’t like the four wheel drive mode so much. After spending a good while inspecting the vehicle from underneath Thorsten identified the issue and it turned out to be pretty essential to fix regardless in what mode we drive in.

So, we found a mechanic that I highly recommend if your car ever breaks down in Cairns. We also organized spare parts for our van from a mechanic in Melbourne that I unfortunately can’t recommend at all. If your Mitsubishi Delica ever breaks down let me know and I’ll tell you who you shouldn’t call. The unfavorable mechanic managed to send the wrong parts despite long conversations over a technical drawing. To cut a long story short, a one week stay turned into two (almost three) whiteout the van.

This leads me straight to the highlights:

  • If you are in Cairns and don’t have a car, don’t panic! The city has plenty of cycle ways and the place is easy to get around with on bicycles, hurray! (But really, you do need a bike it’s not that small either)
  • Wonder down to the Pier after sunset for a delicious cocktail. A friend introduced us to a gorgeous bar at the wharf that had life Jazz music on a Wednesday night. Nothing compares to a town that caters for travelers, doesn’t it?
  • The lagoon on the Esplanade is absolutely worth a dip. This is like a public infinity pool. The best is it’s absolutely free to use. The pool is cleaned every Wednesday morning, so I’d recommend hopping in Wednesday afternoons. After all it’s a public pool with lots of kiddies that usually don’t use the toilet. (The regular reader may identify a little paranoia of mine that’s to do with water and other people’s waste)
  • Last but not least, Rusty’s is the local fruit and vegetable market that’s open Fridays and Saturdays. It’s pretty much in the middle of the city and has everything you’d ever need to be absolutely comfortable in Cairns.
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  1. Emma #

    Hi! So good that you got the Van fixed! A broken van not so good on a road trip…..
    Looking forward to seeing where to next. 🙂

    • Thank you, Emma. I’m sure this was only one of many stops like that….


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