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Floating with fish

Procrastination is such a beautiful pastime. We have been in Cairns for almost a week now and even though my schedule has been less than busy have I done regular updates? No. It seems that I’m still floating effortlessly through the days…

Last week Thorsten and I went on a boat cruise to the Great Barrier Reef, to the Agincourt Reef to be precise. Snorkeling is one of my favourite activities and I was very excited to share this experience with Thorsten, who hadn’t seen the Reef before.

People rave about how magnificent such a cruise is. They are absolutely right!  The beauty we saw is hard to describe or capture with photos. For me it is probably the sum of all of the sensations that makes it so unique.

Snorkeling let’s me forget the clumsiness of human bodies as I float effortlessly on the surface of the sea. Everything I see below is rocking gently back and forth with the waves. It’s a rhythm that every living thing follows, including me. Time slips away and hardly matters (unless your boat is wanting to leave, preferably with you board). Watching sea life is such a rewarding experience because the less you move the more you actually see. We even heard the cracking of Parrotfish that were biting bits of corals.

If you ever decide to do such a trip here a few handy tips that I discovered:

  • Book a cruise that can take as few people on board as possible. All the splish-splashing of other people’s fins can really ruin the atmosphere. After our trip I found a company that only takes 30 instead of 100 people out for a day and it costs the same…
  • Don’t sit at the front of the boat. Particularly when you have a tendency for seasickness.
  • Put your wetsuit on BEFORE you put on your sunscreen
  • If you can, bring your own wetsuit. I noticed the bathrooms on boat were very underutilised!
  • Don’t wait for sunny weather (the colours are amazing regardless of sunshine). Instead wait for a calm day. Unless of course you like a lot of rocking and you’re good at clearing your snorkel of water.
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  1. Karen Rose #

    Great to hear you’re both having a great time. While I am grateful for the scuba diving tips, I am now working on getting the image of someone toileting in a wetsuit out of my head! Ewww! I must say though, the image of someone putting on a wetsuit after they have sunscreened is slowly taking over 🙂 Was that personal experience?

    While I love the posts and it would be great if they were more regular, I love the fact that you are taking the time to procrastinate and make the most of this time you have. You both deserve it.

    Safe travels, love Karen

    • Hi Kaz, thank you for your lovely wishes.
      The sunscreen tip is partially a personal experience. With these trips you get to stop at three different locations and in-between you need to get changed as you’re not supposed to enter the main compartment of the boat with wet clothes. Inevitably you get in your wetsuit and leave sunscreen marks. While white stains don’t look particularly nice I still favour them instead of sunburn…
      Hope uni is going well? Say hello to Brendan for me too!

  2. Katha #

    Hallo Ihr Lieben ,

    freue mich etwas Neues über euch und eure tour zu lesen . Es versüßt mir den Tag ein wenig und lenkt etwas ab !!!

    Gruß Katha


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