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Green Tree Ants and other things

Warmer temperatures have a downside, yes, they do. While I’m recapping yesterday and today’s events I’m constantly moving around and occasionally slapping one of the many nasty mosquitoes that love the weather are circling me to get their chance of a feast… Thorsten giggles every time he hears me slapping and cursing.

Today we went to Cairns as we haven’t had a good look around the town yet. Our van also required a little TLC and while we were waiting for the mechanic to finish his inspection we spend a lazy afternoon on the towns Esplanade overlooking the bay. Plenty of other backpackers did the same.

The reason why we were so sleepy today is yesterday’s 4 wheel drive training. Thorsten found a great trainer, who spent the morning talking us through a bit of theory and in the afternoon took us to some rough terrain tracks near Cairns.

The training was real fun! I never thought I’d enjoy climbing and descending steep hills in a car. Plenty of times I was convinced we’d tip sideways any second or tumble-down the path. Well, it is surprising what our van can do without breaking. At the end of the day I was thankful none of the horror stories our trainer had told us in the morning have come true for us (so far at least).

I could even understand that our van seemed to share our exhaustion as it had some issues. Thorsten could explain now exactly what was wrong, but the point is we wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything severe broken and took it to the mechanic today. All false alarm as it turns out. The car is fine, it just has its moods.

Since Thorsten’s approach to finding the issue through a mechanic didn’t work out I thought the van might not appreciate its new inhabitants. For a week now Green Tree Ants have decided the can is their new home. These little creature have cleaned our car of dead insects so I thought it’ll only be fair to grant them permission for cohabitation. Unfortunately our tenants overstepped the boundaries and made their way into the inside. That’s just not on. Let’s see whether the van behaves better now that we’ve removed our little guests.

By the way, Green Tree Ants are quite tasty. Wiggling food has always been a no-go for me, but Thorsten was so excited by their lemony taste that I had to try. They’re very healthy too, apparently…

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