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Chasing the sun…

With about 3000 kilometers further north I’m overdue with an update. So, we’re now in Far North Queensland in Port Douglas to be precise. The warmer temperatures are absolutely amazing and the sun even goes down an hour later. No more cuddling into doonas after sunset, hurray!

At the beginning of the week we were catching up with friends who were holidaying in this town and enjoying seafood restaurants and endless chats. Together with his mate Thorsten has “hunted” coconuts – a never-ending game of throwing things at lower hanging coconuts in the hope of hitting one so hard so often that eventually it drops. It kept the guys occupied all day and their proud result was four coconuts of which two were eatable. Not bad for first timers!

As crocodiles are natives to this region and we’re thinking about a four-wheel drive tour into a remoter area we’ve spent a day at a crocodile farm to understand more about these incredible creatures.

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  1. Steph! #


    Sounds like you are having lots of adventures already!! I was still picturing you in SW Rocks – hehe.

    I like the sounds of the tasty ants and coconuts. Mmm. Food.

    I wanted to watch your crocodile video but I couldn’t which made me sad.

    We’re good, enjoying the Dee Why life. It’s actually been a bit sunny recently!! Not warm though. Still awaiting the warmth!

    Write another update soon! I like them.

    Steph xxx

    • Hi Steph, sorry the video didn’t work before. I’m learning as I go and have made some tweaks that should enable you to watch it now!

  2. Katha #

    Hallo ihr Lieben ,
    ich übe weiter mein Englisch und verfolge eure Reise !!!

    Und immer Augen auf beim Baden !!! 😉



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