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Welcome to Travel Tales

Do you love to travel? Looking for a source of inspiration? Well, welcome to Travel Tales, the right destination for future explorers, like-minded Australia-trotters and armchair travellers dreaming about going Down Under.

Australia is a fascinating travel destination offering everything from ski trips, diving tours, hiking, mountain biking to road trip travels. It’s climate is as diverse as its people and places – despite the common assumptions that “it’s always hot”, folks are “former British inmates” and “it’s a big red desert”.

Travel Tales features everything you should know before you pack your backpack or suitcase and head-off from simple “how-to” tips to inspirational “secrete destinations”. This blog is inspired by real adventures and constantly fed with every increasing curiosity for what else this country has to offer.

If you consider a road trip, probably one of the most intimate ways to get to know this country, get your copy of the ebook Road trip around Australia: essential tips for your travel adventure. This travel guide provides hands-on information about the essentials you will need and want to know.

In the meantime, I’d be honoured if you stick around and have a read of all of the other travel tales and contribute with your thoughts and questions.

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  1. Christina, congrats on your success with completing your book! I’d absolutely love to take a road trip around Oz one day, I’ll keep your book in mind if I get the chance.

    • Thank you, Andy. I can only recommend a trip. It’s an amazing experience (and yes, I’m sure the book will help too!:-))


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